Sluggish client responsiveness (GMPC, ncmpcpp) with mopidy on Raspberry Pi (not Pi MusicBox), fine with mpd

Hi there,

I’ve noticed that GMPC is very sluggish when connected to a mopidy, but is fine with mpd: the GUI itself seems to hang briefly every half-second or so, it takes 3 seconds to add an album, adjusting volume takes about a second to hear the effect, there is an audio buffer underrun now and then and if I seek the track the output is choppy for about a second right after. Same playback and volume problems persist even when connecting using ncmpcpp from within the RPi. Both servers are running on Raspberry Pi Raspbian Jessie. ‘top’ gives a 45% CPU usage for mopidy and about 10-25% for mpd. What might be the reason?

I’ve been using mpd for years and in the MP3 age it was just perfect, so I am keen to try mopidy with Soundcloud and Spotify in this new age.