Settings AutoPlay URL max length is 40 character


want to play
at startup but can not insert it, because input is limited to 40 characters.


Are you trying to enter it in the setting section on the web interface? I think I got around it by inserting the spotify playlist I wanted in the settings file whilst in windows. i.e. insert the sd card into your pc, find the config folder then the settings file scroll down approx. 75% until you come to the line ‘Musicbox can automatically start playing’ find autoplay = then paste required address there. Also make sure you give it enough time. it might take a few attempts to get the best - try 60secs then work back.

Yes, I used the web interface.
Do you have a filesystem driver installed to read the SD-Card with windows? Isn’t it ext4?


The boot partition, where settings.ini lives, is fat.

hi, what url format will the config accept.
can it accept this url ""
or this url?