Seek location in a youtube/stream URL?

I’ve been messing with the mopidy-youtube plugin and realized that there seems to be no seek support. I’d like to add it, so I’ve been trying to understand how the core works. I figure it must be using Gstreamer for the seeking, so I decided to validate that it could seek on a youtube stream url (just to make sure the mopify-youtube wasn’t opting out of the default seeking mechanism). So I tried this url:


I’ve found that I can’t seek that, either, which I suppose means there’s no backend support for seeking from a url in Gstreamer? I can seek no problem with that URL in mplayer using ffmpeg, so I know the stream supports this. Any help or pointers on this would be great, I’d love to start contributing :smile:

Is this something that gstreamer/mopidy already support, and I may just have the wrong libs on my system to handle seeking of AAC streams? Seems like mopidy-stream songs don’t seek for me either, so maybe it’s my own setup?