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Online radio dropping out: "GStreamer error: gst-resource-error-quark: Server does not support seeking. (11)"


After installing the latest version [Mopidy 2.2.0], I’ve started seeing some strange behaviour when listening to online radio stations (eg KCRW -

The radio stations start fine, and play fine, for a seemingly random period, and then stop. An error message along the following lines is generated:

Oct 01 13:27:29 nanopim1 mopidy[1274]: ERROR    GStreamer error: gst-resource-error-quark: Server does not support seeking. (11)

The stream doesn’t restart automatically, but it restarts just fine if I pause/play.

I have a bit of a crappy internet connection but modipy does resume playing where there are brief dropouts.

Mopidy 2.2.0
GStreamer 1.8.3
Python 2.7.12
Linux nanopim1 4.14.52-sunxi #2 SMP Sun Jul 1 11:25:12 UTC 2018 armv7l armv7l armv7l GNU/Linux

[RompR front end]

Any thoughts?


I am getting this error very frequently when listening to online radio. Any news?

I’ll continue in this thread since I’ve been experiencing similar issues this morning. Log gives me either of these two messages when I’m experiencing dropouts / stopping of the stream:

Jul 18 12:33:09 raspberrypi mopidy[11700]: ERROR    [MainThread] GStreamer error: Could not establish connection to server.


Jul 18 12:07:58 raspberrypi mopidy[11700]: ERROR    [MainThread] GStreamer error: Server does not support seeking.

Restarting the stream resumes playback and resolves the issue, but is obviously a bit annoying.

Some additional bits of info: I’ve recently relocated to a new place, so the stability of the internet connection could be a thing here. On paper, it should be at least faster than in the previous place. Also, this is the first morning I’m using my trusty Mopidy instance to play radio in this new place. I’ll continue listening during other times and days and report back whether problem is always there. It is slightly strange though, since I never ever have experienced this before, and I’ve listened to online radio a lot through my Mopidy box.

Have a good day ya’ll.

Ah, and now the host just announced that lot’s of people have been experiencing dropouts during this particular radio stream. Seems like I might have gotten ahead of things. Also, things have been smooth sailing for a good bit now.