Screeching noise moments after normal playback

I’m lost. Out of ideas, I’ll try and keep this brief and post this to all forums hardware and software because I’m not sure where the problem lies…

my setup is pretty simple,

raspberry Pi zero W with raspian Lite
adafruit 98357a l2s Amp followed the adafruit guide for hookup with i2s pop noise tweaks
adafruit speaker bonnet (just using one of the speakers) 3w 4o
an LED light running off UART gpio
a shutdown button that would be off gpio4
adafruit MPR121 touch sensor board for buttons

I have raspian lite with the latest upgrades, all latest dependencies to run the audio and touch sensor board and Mopidy software. I run Mopidy to playback audio on boot and build an http server so that I have a web client to use as a music control player. Everything is tested and works perfectly fine and audio comes out really nice and I NEVER had this issue when I was prototyping and didnt finalize my project to a PCB but after a few moments of playback usually or maybe it’s after the Pi has activity I notice a few scratching noises come onto speaker and then suddenly just loud screeching no matter what volume I have hardware or software at and then it garbles up to a point where theres no sound. Sometimes sound will come back and sound normal and scratch a little or just completely stop working, If I fetch another song to stream or even if its a local audio file audio often comes back crystal clear for a few moments or even A WHILE and then there’s a hiccup and screeching noise and audio dies off again. I cannot figure out what is happening because often times audio can play back for 15 minutes of no problems and clear audio and then it happens again, sometimes it just is worse and happens after 10-15 seconds of playback.

I have taken a video of what keeps happening as it helps a lot to understand what to look for? listen closely right before end of video (not sure if you can hear what I’m saying anyways)

So (I believe) I’ve eliminated the following as the obvious culprits that you would think should solve it to no avail and no length of google searching has brought me to a similar enough problem or what to test for… I’m pretty much giving up and truly believing either the Adafruit Amp is damaged or the Pi but i’m not sure which or how or if it’s my wiring and soldering which I keep checking over and over and seems to be perfectly fine. It honestly sounds like noise interference but nothing I do nor shaking wires to look for a problematic one or a bad ground, nothings working unless the hardware is damaged -I get this strange feeling if I grounded the Amp elsewhere or powered the amp on a seperate power supply that it could be a workaround and if it isn’t even a temp fix then I would think the wiring or hardware is damaged… I find it hard to believe my wiring is bad.

Tested multiple power supplies with more than enough amperage,
tested different microusb cables for the power supply.
tried a different outlet
checked if it’s not the MicroSD card
disabled the shutdown button I made and the LED, the only thing that manually starts on boot that I’ve added is Mopidy and it’s extensions.

I have no idea how else to troubleshoot or verify if it’s hardware, if anyone has any idea what the underlying cause might be to start with that would be amazing as I’m giving up hope :smiley: :smiley: :’(

Please follow this thread,

It might be working now, still testing but still trying to understand why the suggestion worked also

problem persists, cannot figure it out. Scratching noise, playback is fine, scratching noise, playback is fine

have a listen

is this a mopidy buffering problem or something like that? I resoldered all connections pertaining to my Amp. It’s solid, unless this has something to do with too much draw because I put gain up on my Amp 3db I really don’t think it’s that though. This time however, my audio gets scratchy and then it comes back, it doesn’t completely die it seems. It’s still terrible.