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RPI4 Mopidy sound upgrade


Hardware: RPI 4
OS: Raspbian
Mopidy as Service
Sound output: 3.5mm jack to Bose Sound link Speaker

Situation: Looking to upgrade the sound output, potentially with a Hifiberry DAC addition.
Question: For this set up is there a specific DAC that anyone would require ?


No. They all sound better. I’d suggest avoid listening too much to the marketing guff regarding flux capacitors and gold-plated solder joints. Actually useful features are hardware volume mixer, both line-out and headphone jacks, not being enormous, and support for using alongside other HATs. Or you can pay silly money for USB DACs.

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I’ve got one of the IQaudio DACs and the Pimoroni PhatDAC. Both are the Pi Zero sized ones. Plugged into Cambridge Audio powered speakers.
The PhatDAC isn’t made anymore. They do the Pirate Audio range instead.

Like @kingosticks said, I expect anything will sound better than the built-in jack, but I don’t know if there’s much difference between all the ones that are available.