Rompr Music Collection failing: empty search query

I’ve just discovered Mopidy and like where it is headed. I really like Rompr as it is perfect to use to be able to provide a consolidated tagging and rating db on top of mopidy.

1.0 apparently changed the behavior for empty searches, and I get this in Mopidy when rompr’s music database is active:

2015-05-13 00:10:37,293 WARNING [2634:Core-10] mopidy.core.library: A client or frontend made a library search with an empty query. This is strongly discouraged. Please check what sent this query and file a bug.

In the thread for the Rompr bug, he lists it as a change to the 1.0 API.

Can we get the old behavior back?

Empty search query support was not removed in 1.0, it was marked as deprecated. This is flagging our intent to remove it in 2.0. So for now nothing to worry about.

We might reduce the logging to scare people less, and for the longer term we will consider alternatives that don’t abuse the search API but allow for clients like rompr to get that needed data.

(On a side note mopidy-spotify 1.3 had a bug related to empty query handling, for which a fix was just released in 1.4)