Mopidy Spotify beginer question

I am a blind user from Czech Republic. I would like to use Mopidy mainly with Spotify. Please let me explain what I want to do and tell me if it is possible.
I follow lots of artists on Spotify. I thought that if I connect Mopidy with Spotify, I would see all those followed artists with their albums, cothat I can easily create playlists by combining my favorite albums. But I can see only several artists. I reviously favorited some songs of those artists, but I can’t see artists which I just follow.
Can this be somehow accomplished? I use gmpc on Arch Linux. Thanks.

Hi, sorry for the late reply. Spotify’s My Music functionality is not available in Mopidy-spotify since Spotify have not updated their libspotify library to provide it, nor will they ever do this. So you cannot access Spotify My Music with an mpd client.

However, I do believe that the mopidy-mopify web client does support this extra functionality. So if you can change from using your mpd client to mopify then it should work.