Raspbian Stretch lite Gstreamer problem

Hi all. Wondering if you could help me. On raspbian stretch with desktop, I had no issues with this in the mopidy conf:

output = tee name=t ! queue ! alsasink t. ! queue ! host= udpsink port=5555

but in raspbian stretch lite when I start mopidy as a service, the service fails with the following complaint:

Trying to link elements t and queue2 that don’t share a common ancestor: queue2 hasn’t been added to a bin or pipeline, and t is in bin0
ERROR Failed to create audio output “tee name=t ! queue ! alsasink t. ! queue ! host= udpsink port=5555”: gst_parse_error: syntax error (0)

I tried with autoaudio sink, no luck. I re-installed gstreamer but still no luck. Did I copy and paste something wrong (does the output line look ok to you guys?) Is there perhaps something missing in the lite version of raspbian that i need to make this work?

Thanks for your time.