Raspberry pi adafruit extension

Working on a frontend extension for the adafruit char lcd:

Any idea why my frontend isn’t seeing the communication with the core listener?

My code is located here:

I’m slowly working through it, but I cant get it to react to a track starting.

Also, I’m not sure if this is the best location to ask this question, so if anyone has a better location, feel free to correct me

Just to clarify the problem more, I see it turn on. The on start command sends the display message. It is only the track playback started that it won’t show either on the display or the the logger info I tell it to

t1_track should be tl_track in https://github.com/frdmrckr/mopidy-adafruit/blob/9eccfcb463b143822426ff4f08796cf90f23eeee/mopidy_adafruit/frontend.py#L26-27

If you run Mopidy with verbose logging you’d see your “Error with Adafruit” message being printed. If you also print the exception (always a good idea) you’d see “global name ‘t1_track’ is not defined”.

That’s why I have the debug error in there. When I run it verbose, there is no error. There is no sign what so ever that it’s even running the command. That is also an l in tl_track. The font has confused me before, so I double checked.

I just checked it out, ran it and saw the debug message. It's a '1'!

Interesting. Thanks for running it. I’m glad to see it’s running for you. I’m definitely not getting those errors to show at all. Could it be that I installed it and am running it from an editable directory so I can easily change the code? (pip install -e). I’ve been debugging for 3 days now, and I can not seem to get it to see those errors…

Did you perhaps use python setup.py install rather than python setup.py develop ? If you used the former than you have to do it each time you make any changes to your source files.

Thanks for the help!!! I appreciate it. I got it working now. I appreciate the patience with a noob like me

Nice! FYI: this is a touchscreen tft-interface: https://github.com/ISO-B/pmb-pitft

If you do go further with this and want to release it, please consider changing the name as adafruit sells many products and this name doesn’t really help to describe what the project is about. Good luck!

That’s definitely on the list of things to do. The only reason it was posted as of now was the issue I was having. I’m not a programmer by any means (in school to be an ME). So we’ll see how well it works out.

Just an update, I was having an issues with pulling track titles as an extension, so I followed a similar approach as the tft-interface. Thanks for giving me that link, and think you to that author. Definitely steered me into a working direction.

Here is the github link:

As stated previously, I am not a programmer, so I apologize in advance for any bad inconsistencies or code etiquette