Question on virtualenv and release procedures

I’m not sure I understand the flow of the release procedures as described in the official documentation.

In point 5, it mentions calling toggleglobalsitepackages, but won’t this just make the entire python environment of the host system available in the virtual environment? If so, won’t that defeat the purpose of running the tests in a virtualenv to verify the dependencies in the first place?

From what I understand, a test environment without the global site packages would be more suitable, and the only caveat would be on OSX where mopidy will have to be tested with PYTHONPATH=$(brew --prefix)/lib/python2.7/site-packages mopidy as per the OSX installation instructions?

Mopidy needs pygst/GStreamer (or PyGI in 1.2) to run tests. Those cannot easily be installed in a virtualenv, so we need access to the global installation. By installating all other deps in the virtualenv first and then toggling on global site-packages, we ensure that as many deps as possible are installed in the virtualenv.

As for extensions, I’ve done some efforts to make sure most extensions can run their tests without having GStreamer available.