Qobuz Backend plugin for Mopidy?

I know there is a Tidal Backend plugin for Mopidy. But I was wondering if any such extension exists for Qobuz? Does Qobuz have an API available, or maybe someone is already working on this…

In fact, Qobuz does have an API, and encourages third-party application development: https://github.com/Qobuz/api-documentation
There’s also an XBMC/Kodi plugin for Qobuz, so that might also be a good place to start for anybody who wants to write a Mopidy extension.
Myself, I’m not that interested, since I don’t use their streaming service.

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Also see Supporting new streaming services and other music sources

We are probably going to start working on a plugin for this if there is enough interest. Do you get a lot of requests for this?

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So far, this has been the only request for a Qobuz extension, at least AFAIK. However, this thread has almost 300 views, so there may be some interest.

Hello !
A mopidy qobuz plugin would be really really great ! I’ve been waiting for a long time…!
Please ! And… thank you very much for advance !!

Qobuz is one of the few streaming services that provides 24bit lossless streaming, a Qobuz Backend for Mopidy would be fantastic for audiophiles. For now, only proprietary solutions are available for that purpose.

Well, then go ahead and write one!