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Problems scanning some music files with mopidyctl

Hi all

Thanks for the excellent work on Mopidy, which I have by and large been able to get working well on a Pi Zero W.

However, I have found getting local file playback working to be a real headache, and I have hit a brick wall with a couple of albums that mopidyctl just refuses to scan and include in the library.

I have my media in /home/pi/music. Permissions are identical for all sub-folders, and all of my music has the same structure of ‘artist\album\01 - trackname.flac’. 90% of it has scanned fine and is showing up in Iris.

However, a couple of albums are just flat out not working. Specifically:

A.A. Bondy - American Hearts
Run the Jewels - Run the Jewels 3

These albums are both correctly named. I know the parent folders aren’t an issue because I have other albums by both artists which are correctly scanning. Nor are these obscure albums:

I can confirm that the permissions for each album is exactly the same as the permissions for every other album, as is ownership. Specifically every file and folder is set to wrx and every file and folder is owned by mopidy:audio.

When I run sudo mopidyctl local scan I get (for example):

WARNING [MainThread] mopidy_local.commands Failed scanning file:///home/pi/music/Run%20the%20Jewels/Run%20the%20Jewels%203/1%20-%20Down%20%28feat.%20Joi%29.flac: Timeout after 1000ms


WARNING [MainThread] mopidy_local.commands Failed scanning file:///home/pi/music/A.A.%20Bondy/American%20Hearts/05%20-%20American%20Hearts.mp3: Timeout after 1000ms

I should add that these timeouts were occurring even when every other file scanned fine (for example, every track on Run the Jewels 2 scanned fine, but every track on Run the Jewels 3 threw this error).

Any ideas? It’s really bizarre that with perhaps 80 other albums with the same file structure and permissions working fine, these two specifically are failing. I can post more debug info if someone tells me how to generate it.

Separately from this, I can’t get mopidy to recognise albums which are a single file with a .CUE file (I hate this, but this is how some of my music is ripped). Does it support this?

I don’t know about your scanning problem, but it looks like cue files are not supported. CUE sheet support?

Can you have a go with Troubleshooting — Mopidy 3.1.1-49-gffe96274 documentation