Playing music from command line / Raspberry GPIO

Hi there,

I am new to mopidy and I am trying to wrap my head around how to play music :wink:

I have a USB speaker with integrated Raspi Zero and would like to play/enqueue music via a custom script. So far I used Python for reading GPIO buttons and RFID cards and then call mocp to play folders with MP3 or Internet radio. But I would like to add Spotify, so fully switch to mopidy.

Questions from my side:

  1. Should I integrate with mopidy, build a plugin or extend to access functionality?
    Or can I just interface externally?
  2. If interfacing externally, should I use HTTP or rather mpc (cli)?

At the end I would like to

  1. play folder with numbered MP3 files
  2. play Internet streaming radio via URL
  3. play Spotify albums
  4. play Spotify playlists