Play whole library

Hi - I’m doing well with Mopidy (plus ncmpcpp). One thing I can’t seem to do easily: play my whole (local) library, on shuffle.

In ncmpcpp I can do the equivalent of select-all (e.g. in the “media library” tab) -> add to playlist (this takes a LONG time, retrieving metadata) -> enable random mode, & play. This isn’t ideal, firstly because the “add” stage takes a long time, maybe 30 seconds for me, but also because it takes quite a lot of keypresses and quirks (e.g. I have to check whether my playlist is empty, check whether I’m already in random mode or not).

Is there a nice way (with ncmpcpp or ANY lightweight client) to trigger Mopidy to start playing my whole library, on shuffle, in a single command or very few steps?

Thanks in advance -

I am using mopidy with IRIS webclient. If you go to Browse->Local, there is a link to “Play All”. If you then want to shuffle, just enable the “Shuffle” link on the Playing page.

Thanks. Weirdly this doesn’t work at all for me. Even though I can use Iris to play a single track, if I press the “Play all” button as you recommend, nothing happens - mopidy’s playlist doesn’t change at all, and I don’t see any kind of error or warning. Maybe my music collection is large (it’s only 5808 music files though…) and the Iris webclient somehow silently fails on it