Looking for a Mopidy client that can play an album directly

I’m looking for a Mopidy (or MPD) client that can play music directly from my local music library, not via a playlist.

I have my music arranged in a hierarchy of directories sorted by genre, artist, etc. I simply want to be able to navigate to a directory (which generally contains the tracks from one album) and play all the tracks in that directory once. I.e. I want to be able to do what one once did with a vinyl disk or a CD.

Are there any clients that can do this?

Mopidy-File exposes your filesystem to Mopidy clients that support browsing (most). Did you try that?

Yes, the clients allow me to browse the files but they don’t allow me
to select a directory and play all the files in that directory.

they don’t allow me to select a directory and play all the files in that directory.

This is now implemented in Argos (see Add a tracks view to library browsing widget · Issue #125 · orontee/argos · GitHub): When Mopidy-File extension is installed, Argos library has a “Files” item where you’ll find all the directories hierarchy. When entering a directory containing tracks only, one sees a “tracks view” with “Play” button and “Track selection” menu to add to a playlist or to the playing track list.

When there’s no selection those buttons operates on all directory tracks.

I’m pretty sure Mopidy-musicbox-webclient allows this, but it would be client-specfic. I’m very sure MPD clients allow this.

Thank you, I’m only at version 1.8 so it’s not implemented for me yet.

I may try getting the latest version and see if it will run on my
ubuntu system. I shouldn’t think it has a lot of dependencies.

Yes, 1.12 installs from the .deb file without any issues. Hurrah! :slight_smile:

Thank you all, I’m now a happy album player.

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