PiMusicBox: Output to Darkice via ALSA for IceCast-Streaming possible?

I love the web interface of Pi Musicbox and I like to use it as a basis of my project:
I would like to send all output from Pi MusicBox as an inhouse webradio stream to feed several parallel operating webradios in the house with the same music (multiroom audio, synch is no problem, but all works on LAN, not WLAN, so probably it is not that bad with icecast).
With the MPD basing services I could send direct to HTTPD or ICECAST, but this would not work with AirPlay/Shairplay synch. Shairplay syns requires ALSA output as I learned.

So I’m thinking about to go the the way and use an good sound card with stereo inputs and feed the output signal to the inputs for darkice which will feed icecast.

  1. Can this work with Pi MusicBox? (use all outputs for Darkice=>Icecast)
  2. Do I really need a an external cable link outout=>input or can I use a loopback definition?
  3. If loopback works, do I really need an extra soundcard then or would it work without?

Thank you!!!

I don’t know what darkice is but google says yes: https://www.raspberrypi.org/forums/viewtopic.php?t=79034#p561977