Pi MusicBox, AirPlay and Music app

Hi all, I’m currently putting together a multi room sound system based on 1 RaspberryPi running MusicBox and subsequently using wifi to stream to other speakers.

I have 1 query, if i were to install a music app on my iPhone, the VK music box app for example, would i be able to source my song on the app and then use AirPlay to pass it on to Pi Music Box? Similar to the way in which Spotify would work.

sorry if this has been answered before or is somewhat a novice question - i cant find the answer else where.

I’m not familiar with the ‘VK music box app’ specifically but PiMusicbox’s airplay receiver should play any stream you are able to send it from your iphone via airplay.

Thanks for the reply - i see the question should rather be, does the app support AirPlay? As we know MusicBox can handle any stream passed to it.

I’ve no idea what that app is or does. It shares a similar name as pimusicbox but it’s nothing to do with us.

Pi Musicbox supports airplay, yes. Just make sure both your iphone and your raspberry pi are in the same wifi network.