Path to the music directory

Hi, I have mopidy and I was able to install musicbox-webclient on rp4. Everything is ok, but I do not know how to configure the path to the music directory on the mounted disk. Is there any configuration for this add-on? Whatever I do, musicbox reads music from / var / lib / mopidy

Alternatively, can anyone recommend another webclient?

Mopidy is configured using the mopidy.conf file. Where that file is located depends on how you run Mopidy and this is described in the documentaion at

The specific configuration for Mopidy-Local (such as the media_dir setting you want) is described at

I don’t think any of the Python 3 compatible webclients help you to configure Mopidy.

Everything works correctly. I’m ashamed to admit it but the problem was on the side of permissions. Mopidy did not show the files section at all because the previously nested folder did not have read access for the group.

MusicBox also seems to be working properly.

A question from a different fairy tale. What mpd client do you recommend on the android for mopidy support?

I use mopidy-mobile on android but its not an MPD client. I’m unable to recommend any MPD client.