Package request for mopidy-intergalacticfm

Please, package mopidy-intergalacticfm from and make it available on Since it i a fork from mopidy-somafm, the packaging should be very straightforward. Thanks.

The packaging is straight forward indeed, but the package will have to be maintained for the foreseeable future. Thus, I’m skeptic to packaging Mopidy-IntergalacticFM, as the changes from Mopidy-SomeFM mostly looks cosmetic.

Excluding the new CHANNELS_URI and the new Mopidy URI scheme, are there any significant changes that I’ve missed?

If someone created a generic Mopidy extension for any radio service that provides a channels.xml, that would be much more interesting to package and maintain.

I will be maintaining the package and will merge improvements from its upstream fork. For the KODI plugin I am doing that in the same way.

There are indeed no profound changes. I totally agree that a more generic solution should be made. At the moment only SomaFM and Intergalactic FM are working with the channels.xml format. For format I have created schema for JSON and XML at with the support of the people at Soma FM.

Since no generic plugin for channels.xml is being made, I would like to have this plugin out there. Once a generic solution is available, bot the packages mopidy-somfm and mopidy-intergalacticfm will be made defunc and removed from the repositories.

When other radio stations start to use that channels.xml too, then there would be more reason and more people to do the development for a generic solution. This discussion is going on in a few issues on GitHub already of the past month but before anything usable comes out of that will be I while I guess…

Do you agree that for the time being packaging mopidy-intergalacticfm is justified with my commitment for maintaining it and joining the development of a generic solution when we start on this with a few people.