Optional logging of songs/playlists/albums/artists listened to for something similar to Spotify's "Year in Music"

I’m a longterm Spotify user who wants to start using it much less with the aid of Mopidy/Snapcast and a lot of offline, lossless music. PS - Mopidy does do lossless music, right?

Regardless, one of my favorite Spotify features is the Year in Music, a feature that takes all of what you listened to the year and gives you data like your most listened to artists/playlists/songs/albums/etc along with the number of plays for each of them. It’s really neat and quite novel.

How difficult would it be to implement a feature to log user music listening (optional for those who are worried about privacy) and generate something like this at the end of the year that is elegant and novel like Spotify’s version? Even if in Mopidy’s core nothing other than a log was implemented, I’d love seeing what devs would do with access to that type of data. We’d have so many versions!

Didn’t know if this was the right place to propose a feature. If it is, what does everyone think?

Mopidy can ‘scrobble’ plays to last.fm already with the mopidy-scrobbler extension. I know Last.fm already provides all-time play counts, probably yearly too but not sure. Either way, it has an API so you can probably generate whatever you like from the data. Have you given it a try?

Yes, I think using Last FM would be a good way to do this. Create a back end that provides a library with the track lists that you want.