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Often doesn't switch to next track

OK, I see the problem there

[Dummy-26] Enabling live stream mode

and I was just trying to work out how this was still happening but then I realised it’s because we never released this fix I did back in Jan. That is frustrating (for both of us, I imagine). I will attempt to cut a new release later today.

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Thanks! And - pls - update apt mopidy too with the new version!

Nick, I’ve seen you published a new release with this fix, thank you!
As my mopidy installation is configured through apt, don’t you know when the new release will be available on

I appreciate that but it’ll be published there within the next few days hopefully.

Is there any workaround to apply, waiting for the .deb update?

You can install from source

sudo python3 -m pip install

But personally I’d wait.

I think bug should only manifest when you go from playing something from TuneIn to Spotify. I think if you played a track from some other backend between those two backends that would be a workaround. I’m not 100% sure on that but you now know the line you don’t want to see before a Spotify track plays so you could just try it out.

Yes, you’re right. This happens when switching from Radio to Spotify.
Ok, I will wait for apt.

Should now be available. Thanks @jodal !

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Yes, it is! Thank you!

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