Not streaming Music on Pi 3

I have Music Box running on several Pi 2’s on an older release of Music Box with no problems.

.I have flashed 0.7 RC7 on an SD card and installed it on a Pi3.
.The systems boots up with no errors
.I have a wireless usb dongle in the Pi.
.The network comes up without errors. IFCONFIG shows wlan0 alive and sending / receiving packets with no errors
.I can access and control the pi (Music Box) with SSH, the web browser, and android app with no problems.
. I’m using the same start up stream (autoplay) that I use in the Pi2’s.
.I’ve triple checked the settings in settings.ini.

The pi just doesn’t show any activity on the wifi dongle and no streaming takes place.

Any idea what I’m missing???

Any ideas would be appreciated.