Mopidy data models for dummies? (library/playlist)

I am currently evaluating again how I can save my preferred: playlists, albums, tracks. So far I just hard-coded albums and playlists on RFID/NFC-cards and started them with mpc.

What’s the library? Is this just representing scanned local MP3 files with metadata? Album data? Can it include Spotify playlists, albums, tracks? Does it include Spotify “liked” data?

What about playlists? Will they only include tracks?

What I am looking for is saving preferred albums (MP3 folders and Spotify), which I could group by artist. Same with preferred playlists.


Well there really is no concept of the library. Each backend (file, local, spotify, youtube, etc) can provide library functionalities: browse and search and for tracks (although youtube only allows searching for example).

Playlists are really only collections of tracks. They are provided by backends: the spotify backend provides spotify playlists; the file backend provides m3u playlists (I think) which can include songs from any backend.

The way I implemented favorites in mowecl is the following:

Also if you want a good grasp of how this work, I recommend the following:

open your browser’s console, paste the mopidy.js code. You can then instantiate a client, and play with the API.

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