No HDMI Sound-Output

I installed everythin fine on SD-Card. Connections to Spotify are fine. I can see Playlists and use the webinterface.

Everything is fine BUT: The AudioOutput is everytim ANALOG (3,5mm) and not HDMI !

I use in config the output = hdmi but it doesn’t use hdmi. If I connect an headphone i can hear the sound.

Does anyone have an idee ?

Kind regards Thorsten

What device do you have it connected to?


cause oft he name: Do you speak german ?

I get an error cause of the email.

I use an adapter to separate the audiosignal out of hdmi and sent it to a Yamaha Soundbar.

Also I use a raspberry b+


Everything is fine. I have to modify the config.sys. There is a point: Force hdmi ! thats all

Yes, I speak German.

Reason why i asked what device is because I never had luck with HDMI output with my Panasonic 5.1 Home Theater
system. It only worked when the TV was on and the Rasperry output was visible there.
Without the TV the HDMI did not seem to have a “connection”.
But you have a different case here…

It sounds a little similar as in both of your cases it doesn’t work when
there is no TV involved. Hdmi devices must need some sort of signal to
acknowledge the connection, perhaps your devices are not sending that? And
forcing it in the config gets around that?

In fact, if you take a look at you can see that it checks if there’s a HDMI connection detected and prints “HDMI output connected” if it finds one - do you see that in the startup messages? On my system without any HDMI connected, the output of that command is “state 0x120016 [DVI DMT (4) RGB full 4:3], 640x480 @ 60.00Hz, progressive” and it falls back to analog output. The name tvservice implies it needs a TV, probably because it uses HDMI-CEC.

I think of You modify the config it will be forced for hdmi. I mean the config in the Main path of the SD-Card

Yes, as you said. It must override the value returned by the tvservice

Maybe worth getting that put in the user guide some day. Nice work!