Ncmpcpp crash with mopidy (and mopidy-spotify) after suspend

After my PC wakes up from suspend I find ncmppcpp crashed with the following error message:

ncmpcpp: status.cpp:81: void {anonymous}::drawTitle(const MPD::Song&): Assertion `!np.empty()’ failed.
Aborted (core dumped)

and I can’t relaunch ncmpcpp until either I restart mopidy or just start mopidy-mopify and start playback from spotify. The only info on the error message on google points to rebuilding mpd.db but I’m not using mpd. I’m not even sure if this is a mopidy bug or something with ncmpcpp.

mopidy config:
mopidy deps:

ncmpcpp -v output:

ncmpcpp 0.6.5

optional screens compiled-in:

  • tag editor
  • tiny tag editor
  • artist info
  • outputs
  • visualizer
  • clock

encoding detection: enabled
built with support for: curl fftw ncurses taglib unicode

mopidy.log with like 7000 lines:

Someone else having a similar problem: