Musicbox + HiFiBerry DAC+ + Pi2 + PiTFT + Case

So here is the plan. I currently have an OpenELEC Pi2 running with no additional addons. Audio is analogue and horrible :slight_smile: So I ordered a HiFiBerry DAC+ RCA. So far so good. I want to replace OpenELEC with Musicbox to decrease the overhead of Kodi. I don’t expect any issues, this is a supported combo.

Now I would to know if I can add a PiTFT ( to the mix. Is it physically possible? And is it supported by Musicbox? Can I have it display the CD cover of songs that are playing (and maybe do some small stuff like skipping songs)?

And if all that works, are there cases available to house all that or should I just steal some Lego from my kids? :smile:

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Apart from the Lego, I got that one covered.

There are a few search hits for ‘tft’ on here already. Raspberry pi adafruit extension in particular.

Yes, I have seen those. I’m just wondering whether the combo with HiFiBerry will work…

Oh, as in can you physically connect a PiTFT and a hifiberry DAC+ to the raspberry pi at the same time? I don’t believe any of the pins clash so you should be able to just stack the TFT on top of the DAC+.

Musicbox wise, the DAC+ is just like any other soundcard so it should be fine. The pmb-pitft readme seems pretty good regarding the changes you’ll have to make to support a screen.

It does, yes. Unfortunately it also states this:

PiTFT touchscreen is not working with Pi2, yet.

I assume that it is only the touch part that does not work, but cannot tell really.

Let’s see what they say:

It was unsupported in the custom firmware but that’s now apparently been fixed.

However, the latest version of the firmware they’re using talks about using device tree overlays. In musicbox we currently disable this kernel feature since it makes the raspberry pi DAC support (hifiberry/iqaudio etc) more complex for us. So basically, if you were to use the very latest notro firmware you’d need to hack around with musicbox a bit. Depending on exactly what musicbox features you actually want, you might be better off just installing Mopidy on plain raspbian.

Or, of course, just use something other than pmb-pitft!

How did this project go?
I am just about to do the same with a rpi2, hifiberry and a sainsmart screen:

Any results from your work would be much appreciated :slight_smile: