Musibox with Hifiberry digi+ and philips MX6000i

Hello ,

I have a DIGI+ with a RPI 2 and installed Musicbox on it. and want to connect it with the coax SPDIF interface to the Philips MX6000i Amp. which has a coax SPDIF input.

But have no sound .

When I Use my PC which has a SPDIF input I can play from the Musicbox so the installation and DIGI+ board is ok.

Other SPDIF sources , example sat receiver is working on the Philips MX6000i.

The MX6000i supports a max rate of 24bit/96Khz but think the DIGI+ wants to play on a higher rate than the MX6000i supports.

Is there a way to limit the digi+ / Musicbox or set the output to fixed 24bit/96Khz ?

Best regards,