Mopidy-tunein Install - SOLVED

I’m new to Mopidy and so far I LOVE IT. I think it’s an amazing tool and the fact that integrates all stream services, or almost all of them, it is an amazing feature.

I’m working on a beaglebone black and I was able to install mopidy with no problems, now I setup spotify and it works great, love it but now I want to install tune in also but I can’t I don’t find it as part of the sources, is there any chance I can install it using command line parameters rather than using apt-get?

I will appreciate any help.

Thank you

I'm not totally sure what you mean but it is installed from pip using 'pip install Mopidy-TuneIn'. Lots of extensions are installed this way. Hope that helps.

Thanks for your reply.

I don’t have pip, I have apt-get (running ubuntu on the beaglebone blac) and when I run apt-get install mopidy-tunein comes back with a message saying that the packages was not found.

Sorry, I thought that APT-GET and PIP were the same thing. I just installed PIP and I’m able to download extensions.

Thank you!

Because the tunein extension is not available through apt-get. Either download pip (sudo apt-get install python-pip) and install using that as I mentioned previously, or download/clone the Mopidy-TuneIn github repository and run 'sudo python install' from within the project directory. The first method is the recommended one, and it will allow you to easily install many other extensions.

Glad you got it working. You’ll have to forgive my reply above, the reply by email feature on the forum is a bit slow sometimes.

Forgive? :smile:
Thank you! Your support is great.