Mopidy on Windows


I am trying to run Mopidy on Windows, but with no success.

I have installed GStreamer 1.8.3 from here:, with all plugins.

I can start Mopidy. It starts initializing, until I get this error: AttributeError: ‘gi.repository.GLib’ object has no attribute ‘unix_signal_add’

I don’t think anyone has done any work on this in a long while so you’ll likely run into a few unix != windows problems like this and need to hack the source. We would welcome any contributions to fix Windows support and ideally a core developer willing to maintain it, else it’ll go rusty as it appears to have done so during the recent transition from gstreamer0.10 to gstreamer1.0. You can find the previous issues on this subject here.

While I was waiting for an answer I modified the source to remove the call to unix_signal_add, as this function is not available to win32 systems. I can start Mopidy, but as soon as it tries to start the MpdClient, Python stops working. After disabling the MpdClient I can now start the HttpServer.

I’m now going to check if my application can make a socket connection, like it does on Unix systems. I’ll let you know.