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Mopidy-iris with Playlist

Hi i get the error when i hit on the icon of Solomun Momentum Playlist but on sportify app the Playlist is accessible but with a error of playing first song not correctly. Is a Spotify error?

Not found

Keine Ergebnisse mit dem URI spotify:playlist:4WG1AmuD9fLFqoXEZ9YUFa

We’ll need a bit more information to provide help.

  • What are the steps you’re taking to navigate to this playlist?
  • What version of Mopidy and Iris are you running?
  • Is there anything else about your environment that would help other people replicate this?

I run latest AUR packages for ArchLinux and the error is since spotify fixed the playlist.

I think is a chache error.

I solved the error by right click refresh. It’s now working with the mopidy-iris 3.60.1

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