Mopidy Filenames

How can I configure mopidy to consider the file names as the song name for files without the appropriate id3 tags (in local files only) (I wouldn’t mind this being the case for all files as well, regardless of weather there are id3s or not.)

There currently isn’t really any way of doing this. Mopidy simply provides the http clients / mpd translation code with Track objects and then it is up to them to do something sensible with them. From mopidy’s point of view this is really all we can do. Though we can double check this for the MPD case, it might make sense to add the fallback you suggest.

Does any alternative backend provide the functionality? I think the issue needs to be resolved in the json scanner. Is there any way to use mpd as the scanner?

Maybe we can use some script which uses the “song_begin” attribute as the the “Title” attribute

Mopidy-Local-SQLite uses the file name as track name for untagged files. However, it does not support browsing by directory paths yet, so this may be of limited use if none of your files are properly tagged.