Mopidy as service at shutdown

Running mopidy as a service and it works great, one kind of annoying issue tho.
when shutting down my system i get the notification that a daemon is still running and needs to be shutdown so the system gives it 1min30secs to do that if not it kills it and shuts down.
now i get that message every single time.

is there anything im doing wrong on my service file or why is mopidy not shutting down when every other service is?

Assuming you’ve not been editing the service file and are using the default it shouldn’t be that. Start by checking what version of tornado you have (sudo mopidyctl deps). Then have a look at the Mopidy log for any hints to what’s getting stuck. Then try disabling every extension (including the bundled MPD and HTTP extensions) and then enable them one by one to see which one is getting stuck. My guess is the HTTP extension but try it and see.

have not modified the file at all.
tornado>=4.4: 5.1.1 from /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages

will try to disable the extensions.

It’s the tornado version. We don’t support tornado 5 properly. If you can downgrade it to 4.something it’ll work fine.

Out of interest, what Linux distribution are you running?


Will try to downgrade and see if it helps

That would be helpful. I’ve created an issue at

downgraded to 4.4 - it now shutdowns right away!

Great. We pushed a fix for using mopidy with tornado v5 to github and it’ll be in the next release.