Mono output with Hifiberry AMP+ and Airplay


I’m running MusicBox 0.6 on a Raspberry Pi B+ combined with the Hifiberry AMP+ and I’d like to use Airplay with mono audio. I’m building the Raspberry into a vintage radio which only has one speaker so I can use only one channel. Is there a way to downmix both channels into one? I’d really appreciate some help!

Setting output=capsfilter caps=audio/x-raw-int,channels=1 ! alsasink in the [audio] config section should do the trick. I’m not quite sure how the channels get mixed together though.

That’s the solution for Mopidy… Now we just need the solution for Airplay :wink:

Looks like the solution is described here:

Haven’t tried it myself though…

Looks like none of the solutions work with the Hifiberry, I can’t get audio out of it when I change the settings.ini. :frowning: