Jukepi client question


If I start jukepi client it does not see any files/playlist stored localy.

Any advice would appreciate.

I think its more of a search engine & player, you need to use the search and add them to the list, reading in the docs they developed it to use in the office, each person can easily add to the playlist and it just plays as long as songs are added. In a multi person environment you wouldn’t want everybody to have access to everybody else’s playlists. Same with a party - each person can add their choice without interfering with the host’s playlists.

It’s not designed to show playlists like the other uis, however it will show whats already playing.

Thank you for your answer. I see, but if I put e.g. “mp3” keyword in search field noting would be found.
If I put “mp3” keyword in party, it would show all local mp3 files.

I’m looking for a solution/ client, that after click will shows all local mp3 files. Not need to type anything.