Is possible to make a "permanent" cache?

I mean, when for example i go to “browser” in Iris web client, and go to Qobuz/Favorites/Albums… that always download the image of the albums, and because i follow several Albums, that take a lot of time. So, there is a way i can cache, all this things?

Caching backend data is the responsibility of the backend. Most streaming service Mopidy backends will do some caching but persistent caching is less usual. In the common use case, where you don’t restart Mopidy often (as it’s running on a server), it’s unnecessary.

Oh, it seems that maybe it is a problem related to iris, or the qobuz extension. Because for example if I go to “browser/qobuz/favorites/albums”

(I’m talking the options in iris)

After some seconds i start to see the album picture, but it seems like never stop to download.

If I choose any album I see there the image perfect, but if I go back the process start again. I mean, again for a few seconds I cant see the images of the album, and again it seems that don’t stop download (I’m talking about the circle above the albums images).

What can I do?