Installing mpd-watchdog in Pi MusicBox using apt-get?

I would like to add mpd-watchdog to my Pi MusicBox installation so that my music streams resume after a network time-out.

There’s a method to install in manually written here:

But I’d prefer a more automated install using apt-get. Is there a MusicBox repository that contains mpd-watchdog? The private repository listed on the page above does not exist anymore.

No there currently is not.

Hmm… Last time I checked, was still up and running. What exactly do you mean by “does not exist anymore”, i.e. apt error messages, etc.?

Ah, looks like the forum software (or whatever) converts http URLs to https, and there’s no https for! So just try manually converting the URL to plain http in your browser, and it should work.

Thanks! The https-thing was indeed the problem. I have added your repository and installed the mpd-watchdog again :smile:

Glad that it worked. Adding https support for the repository goes on my TODO list for 2016 :slight_smile: