HydraPlay ( Mopidy + Snapcast + web ui with auto setup)


i am working on a project which i call HydraPlay. I started the projects two years ago as a proof of concept. After a long period of inactivity i started working on it again.

The project consists of a small python server which manages the whole Mopidy and Snapcast setup. The server creates all needed config files and finally fires up multiple Mopidy instnaces and one Snapcast server. The server already serves a web frontend which integrates Snapcast with Mopidy in one interface.

The project is far from finished, but it already serves some basic features and the ui code is still a bit messy. Anyway, you can find the project on GitHub: GitHub - mariolukas/HydraPlay: A multiroom audio player setup, based on snapcast and mopidy.


I would appreciate your feedback


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