Http not accessable after upgragde mopidy-youtube


I have pimusicbox version 0.6 installed on my hifiberry.
After upgrade of mopidy youtube via this command: pip install --upgrade mopidy-youtube , I cannot access the musicbox anymore via the browser. (connection refused.)

How can I solve this error?
Can anybody help me out with this?


Mopidy-Youtube depends on Mopidy >= 1.0, so that command installed a newer Mopidy from PyPI as well.

To revert your changes, this should suffice:

sudo pip uninstall mopidy-youtube mopidy

Then, to install an older version of Mopidy-Youtube, compatible with the Mopidy version Pi Musicbox 0.6 comes with:

sudo pip install "mopidy-youtube < 2"

Thanks, that works for me.
I’m looking forward when the new version of Musisbox is released.

Rgds, Rense