How to play a audio stream with node-red? Alarmclock

I hope someone can help me to make my alarm clock working.
How can i play audio stream with mopidy?

I don’t get it to work with musicbox_webclient

I like to use node-red to control mopidy to play a audio stream.

But i don’t get it to work.

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Not sure what doesn’t work - if you want an alarm clock why not try the mopidy alarm clock
Unfortunately I’ve not used node red so can’t help with anything there

Thanks, Steve

I like to do it with node-red so I can make lot of nice rules
Before the Spotify will play a song or album.

It’s almost working :wink:

Can somebody explain to me how to play a stream URL?

Its ending
the file format is m3u.

Do I have to install some plugins? Before I can stream a m3u extension?

can i play stream directly from the cli our what are the beste options?