Controlling mopidy with lircd and Node-RED, screen with android tablet


A quick shout out to all the people that made mopidy possible ! Thanks for a great project and a tinkerer’s comfy playground.

I’ve been playing a bit with combining mopidy with Node-RED

I’m controlling mopidy with a remote that uses lircd on a raspberrypi which is sending its signals to MQTT which in turn are used by node-red with some mopidy flows from or Mopidy-MQTT

There’s some stuff in there to turn on and off an recycled android tablet that acts as a screen (using adb under the hood), as well as some OLED display. Also turning on and off the soundcard is almost working…

Yes overengineering to say the least. But it’s so much fun. (and it works!) and it’s really custom!

More details (in french) (you should find the links to most projects used there).

If this sparks a conversation, I can publish more details in english here or else where.

Again thank you so much for a hackable platform. :heart_eyes: :heart:

Feel free to submit a PR if you want to add this to the index at

Hi Arthur,

I am using node-red-contrib-mopidy since a while, but now it doesn’t react anymore to mopidy events, so I am looking for some alternatives.
Could you pls detail how did you make mopidy-MQTT work with node-red?

Hi @fmarzocca have you installed both mopidy-mqtt on the mopidy side and node-red-contrib-mopidy on the node red side ?

You should see log messages on the mopidy side confirming the module has been loaded, can you confirm this ?

On the client side, you should be able to send commands to the appropriate topic (understanding mqtt helps here) : for example sending “play” or “pause” to the topic “mopidy/c/plb” as documented in mopidy-mqtt should play or pause mopidy. Using another MQTT client such as mosquitto_pub man page | Eclipse Mosquitto should help too : Using The Mosquitto_pub and Mosquitto_sub MQTT Client Tools- Examples for some examples :

mosquitto_pub -h localhost -t "mopidy/c/plb"  -m "play"

Good luck!

Hi @arthurlutz ! I ended up by forking mopidy-mqtt, reviewing the code and adding new features.
I have get rid of node-red-contrib-mopidy, as I don’t need it anymore and now it has become useless.

I have released the first version of Mopiqtt and I am actively working on it to add new features.
Thank you,