Gpodder podcasts not working

Browsing podcasts with the gpodder extension gives me a list with weird names like "the, LAW or Shermer. Nearly all of them are empty directories, only a few contain some podcasts.

Do i have to configure this somewhere to have a usable list like in itunes-podcasts?

I see this behavior too. It did not do that when I tested it a while ago. Could be a change in the api or something?

API (at least the docs) doesn’t seem to have changed, still version 2.
Will have a deeper look, but might take some time 'til I get to that…

Looks like it’s only the browsing interface that’s broken – search still works for me (e.g., searching for “All Songs” within gpodder returns NPR’s “All Songs Considered” podcast, and I can play episodes from that, as normally.