Got un-handled exception from YTMusicBackend


I have a problem with YTMusic if I turn on autostart mopidy by sudo dpkg-reconfigure mopidy and restart RPI I have a Error mopidy.commands Got un-handled exception from YTMusicBackend. It’s so untypical because, if used “sudo systemctl restart mopidy” then YTMusic start normally without errors.

enabled = true
auth_json =
auto_playlist_refresh = 60
youtube_player_refresh = 15
playlist_item_limit = 100
subscribed_artist_limit = 100
enable_history = true
enable_liked_songs = true
enable_mood_genre = true
enable_scrobbling = true
stream_preference =
verify_track_url = true

Thanks for help


We would need the log file to proceed with this. And probably better off reporting this to the Mopidy-ytmusic github page.

Good idea, I’ll try turn on logging and I’ll show you my error logs.

I tried look for reason of this problem. It looks like problem with download some data from internet by YTMusic. I turned on autostart mopidy client on chromium and the problem was resolved. I looked in logs and I didn’t see something disturbing.

Thanks for advice :wink:

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