Google Music (gmusic) apparently ignored

I installed mopidy on a Raspberry Pi running Arch Linux. I do not have mpd installed, nor do I have any local music files at this point. I installed the Google Music extension: mopidy-gmusic.
I did not use pip: I used pacman where I could, and makepkg and yaourt when I had to. Took a while to get all the dependencies.
I generated an app password for Mopidy-Gmusic and added it to /etc/mopidy/mopidy.conf,
with my Google user name.
But it appears to be completely ignored by mopidy: mopidyctl config does not show it, there’s
nothing in the log file about it, running mopidyctl -v has no mention, ncmpcpp shows nothing, and the Google App Passwords page does not show any date of access.
So what’s wrong?
mopidy version is 2.0.0 if that helps.
Here’s the relevant section of my mopidy.conf:
enabled = true
username = my-username
password = my-mopidy-gmusic-password


Well: I’ve had some progress, and maybe it’s working now. I’m not really sure what I did, but here it is, as best I can reconstruct it:

  1. I installed pip from the repository, via pacman
  2. I used pip to install mopidy-gmusic. This also installed mopidy.
  3. Mopidy service would not start: said it needed python2.7 and found 3.x
  4. Did some research, found my default pip was for python3, so used it to uninstall mopidy, pykka and tornado.
  5. Reinstalled mopidy and mopidy-gmusic using pip2 (python2 version of pip)
  6. Mopidy still would not start: got errors like this:
    mopidy.service: Main process exited, code=exited, status=203/EXEC
  7. More research, and uninstalled the pip versions of mopidy, pykka (got some warning here),tornado. Used pip2 for this.
  8. Reinstalled mopidy from the repository using pacman. I noticed a warning that I should change the owner of /var/lib/mopidy to mopidy:mopidy or some extensions might not start.
  9. Startup of mopidy failed, saying that it had no tornado: reinstalled python2-tornado via pacman.
  10. Startup of mopidy said it had no pykka: reinstalled python2-pykka using pacman.
  11. Startup of mopidy succeeded and loaded the gmusic extension.

So it might have been the ownership of the /var/lib/mopidy directory all along. Or something
I guess that’s all for now.