Error while playing older MP3

I’m getting a error while playing older large MP3 files.

They are music files and they are playable with vlc but not with mopidy!

2022-03-14 13:42:51,028 ERROR [2645:MainThread] GStreamer error: Resource not found.
2022-03-14 13:42:51,029 WARNING [2645:Audio-2 (_actor_loop)] Setting GStreamer state to GST_STATE_PLAYING failed
2022-03-14 13:42:51,030 WARNING [2645:Core-11 (_actor_loop)] mopidy.core.tracklist: Track is not playable: local:track:BBC%20Radio%201%20Essential%20Mix%20Complete/2015/2015%2001%2025%20Essential%20Mix%20%231094%20-%20Tale%20Of%20Us/2015%2001%2024%20Essential%20Mix%20-%20Tale%20Of%20Us.mp3

Can are you fixing this issue?

Here a download link to a file which isn’t playable

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