Enter user credentials (for e.g. Spotify or Soundcloud) on the fly for only a session

I’d love to use mopidy in our company to play music in our war rooms.
But I can’t ask people to enter their credentials into a config file and restart mopidy, and we can’t get accounts for each room, because then people wouldn’t have their personalized playlists.

Of course it would still work without streaming services, just with “public” web radios and local/network files, but it would be awesome if people could just log in to their streaming service of choice and have it play their music.

I’ve scanned over the source code to the spotify extension, but configuration seems to be handled by mopidy itselt, if I read that correctly.

This has come up a few times before, and I’ve really wanted this myself when “fighting” over the spotify play token between the living room and work. The plan for this has been to add support for runtime configuration. So extension can listen for change events and then we expose a config editing API for clients. Sadly no one has had time to look into details of making this a reality yet. Not even sure if we have a tracking bug or not.

In the meantime, I’m not 100% sure but it may be feasible to do this through mopify. At one time you could provide your Spotify credentials to mopify and it would do it’s own requests to the Spotify web API for searches, playlists etc and then just use Mopidy for playback. It might not work quite like this any more, and it might not be quite as simple to change credentials as you want… but maybe worth a look.

I could probably do this as a 20% project at work, but I’m afraid my python is quite rusty.

Any hints where I could start implementing this?

I can see if I can find some time to dig up what ever tracking bug we might already have and try and outline what our current thinking is to get you on the right track.