Connect to chromecast audio


I have a question. Is there a way to stream the audio output from Mopidy to a Chromecast audio device?
I found this npm script, which allows me to stream mp3 files to a Chromecast audio, but the controls are not really user friendly.

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I’ve never tried this myself (I keep meaning to) but you can can combine Mopidy with upmpdcli to stream over DLNA/upnp which I think chromecast supports. Might depend a bit on exactly what you want format the music is in, not sure.

Thats a nice idee! i will try it :slight_smile:

I tried upmpdcli and icecast, but I could not send the audio to the Chromecast. With Icecast I was able to transfer the audio output to the Brwoser.

I will explain what I would like:
On my home server I installed mopidy with mopidy-http and mopidy-local to play my audiobooks.
When I connect a speaker to the audio output of the server, I can listen to the audio book that is currently playing.
I would like to transfer this issue to my Chromecast Audio now.

I hope it is understandable what I have in mind

Hey, it is possible and very easy. You whrere very close. Icecast is my solution.
You can play it to one divce or to a audio group.
If you have openHAB running you can just use the chomecast addon and you play it to the chromcast device uri.
If you dont you can use pychromecast great tool and very easy to implement for you own solution.
Do not send the mp3 or m3u or whatever ending in the url just http://ip:port/radioname