Cannot access MusicBox homepage from Browser after first installation

I flashed the PiMusic Box 0.6 version onto my MicroSD of a Raspberry Pi B+ model. After connection it to my network, I could access musicbox.local from my laptop. On a reboot after tweaking the settings, I got an error message everytime from Google Chrome. Error: ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED. I later figured it would be due to my expansion of file system. I reflashed my card and it worked perfect the first 3 times. I could access the MusicBox homepage from my mobile device too. Then unexpectedly, on my 4th boot, I had the same error while trying to access the webpage. When I connected a screen and keyboard, there was a warning. WARNING: Found musicbox_webclient configuration errors, the extension has been automatically disabled: WARNING: musicbox_webclient/musicbox unknown config key.

That warning can safely be ignored. When you connect a keyboard and screen can you confirm if Mopidy is running i.e. the output of service mopidy status should be ‘mopidy is running’. Can you connect with Chrome if you use the IP address rather than ‘musicbox.local’? Are there no other warning/error messages in the logs? Are you shutting the raspberry pi down or just pulling the plug? Are you able to try a different power supply and/or MicroSD card?

While treaking the settings, did you perhaps enable the Hardware Mixer? This should be set to OFF.