Access mopidy website locally


I attached an display directly to my pi and tried to access the mopidy website, but all I get is an error: cannot connect to destination. I can open every webpage in the whole www, but obviously not the pages on the same device.

I tried it with the midori-webbrowser. The reason for all this is, that I would like to display the mopidy webpage on a small display connected to the pi’s GPIO’s. I tried it with the IP of the pi, with localhost, with, with musicbox.local all with port 80 and 6680.

From a different computer it is working perfectly.

Any idea how to open the mopidy webpage locally?

Hi @Simsala_Saile.

Did you ever figure this out?
I am running into this exact same issue right now.

Any help you could give, or that anyone else could give would be appreciative.


Can you open the mopidy webpage from another computer in your network?

Yup. Works fine from other computers.
I have tried accessing it multiple ways such as
http://musicbox.local (this works from other computers) (this works from other computers)

Can you give musicbox.local:6680 a go? I cannot remember if the port 80
redirect works on the local machine.

Edit: sorry, I’ve seen you did indeed try this.