Audio settings alsasink?

I dont get completely the use of the audio section.
I have sound but, want to be sure that the sound is playing is not getting any change.

For example, i have the default in the audio settings (this “autoaudiosink”). So, what is doing? I just use ALSA, and just a sound card (iQaudio DAC PRO, is a rpi hat). I need to change that to alsasink? or is not necessary?


Can you rephrase this please. It doesn’t make sense and I don’t understand your question.

Are you saying your sound is working, or not ? Make that clear and we’ll go from there.

sorry, yep, the sound is working!
But, because im using a Qobuz subscription (just that, i dont have files, nothing, i get all the music from the Qobuz extension) i want to be sure that there is no change in the quality of the audio between mopidy and my DAC. (no codecs doing things, etc.).

The Mopidy audio pipeline uses gstreamer and will handle that. You don’t need to adjust anything.

Oh, ok.
Thanks for your time!

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